After working in the Australian and International music industry for more than a decade, and still at only 27, Michael Paynter has had an extraordinary career. After being signed to Sony Music Worldwide at 18, he proceeded to tour the world for the next 10 years writing, performing and recording with the world’s most notable producers and songwriters. He has lived and worked in LA, New York, Nashville, London and Glasgow.

In 2010, his single “Love The Fall” reached platinum sales in Australia, and his debut album (produced and mixed by MSquared) reached official top 20 ARIA certification within a week of its release. This saw him begin to tour with the likes of Miley Cyrus, The Script, Seal, Newton Faulkner, John Farnham and Hall and Oates just to name few. As well as forging his way with his own music, Paynter has played as a touring session musician with iconic Australia band Icehouse, international mega-stars The Veronicas and X Factor winner Reece Mastin.

But aside from being a successful commercial artist himself, Michael decided it was time to expand his reach beyond his own projects, and begin working with others – fuelled by a desire to see others avoid the mistakes he made, and to use his vast array of experiences to help guide and encourage them on their journey.

Even with Paynter’s desire, experience and ability, he knew that something was missing. That’s when he turned to the incredibly talented and well renowned Melbourne musician and producer, Mike Delo.

Delo, 24, is the writer, producer and musical brain behind the likes of Josh Jakq, The Kingdom and Nussy, as well as countless others. He knows his way around a computer almost as well as he knows his way across a fretboard. An exceptionally well-trained and gifted musician, a talented writer, incredible engineer and all round level-headed Yoda-man, he completed the picture perfectly. Paynter approached Delo about joining together to see both their dreams become a reality, and just like that, MSquared Productions was born. The boys are both incredibly skilled, very well respected, and continue to be proven successful in their writing and production efforts in all levels of the entertainment industry.

In the 4 years since it’s conception, MSquared has worked with some of the best artists Australia has to offer – from well-established artists from all the major labels, to young independent artists looking to find their voice. More than anything else, they are passionate to see artists find their own voice through quality songs, quality production and experienced, patient guidance.

Being both in their 20’s means Paynter and Delo to bring a fresh, energetic yet markedly experienced approach to their writing and production, and if the response from industry heavyweights is anything to go by, what they’re doing is working. With the studio on fire, and sessions consistently booking out months in advance, it’s a very exciting time for the boys to be making music. They never take for granted the privilege it is to do what they do for a ‘job’, and their thankfulness is only outweighed by their passion to improve every single day.

They have worked with:
Anja Nissen
Reece Mastin
The Veronicas
Audra Mae
Nash Overstreet (Hot Chelle Rae)
Masketta Fall
Move On Be Strong (MOBS)
Imogen Brough
The Voice Australia

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